Tomorrow is ours to win or lose.

We help leaders harness the power of Strategic Foresight to make better decisions in the face of uncertain and complex futures.

Mindset Matters: Your Starting Place

Transformational change begins with a shift in mindset. We help you take stock of your team’s views about the future, where those views stem from, what these points of view erases, and what they elevate.

Reframe VUCA



Volatility is best dealt with focus and vision – a North Star. We help your team envision a North Start so that you can perform with greater confidence in the face of rapid change.



Understanding cause and effect enables teams to better cope with uncertainty. We help your team develop greater awareness of how things are changing, so you can better predict the consequences of actions and see alternatives.



Effective anticipation provides clarity of options. We help your team anticipate possibles so you can develop more robust and adaptive strategies across a range of future scenarios to manage complexity.



Expanding your field of vision enables teams to develop greater agility, to rapidly change course and speed up execution amidst ambiguity while keeping your company’s North Star in plain sight.

Scan the Horizon

Foresight is your radar for tracking and making sense of change. Analyze trends to identify potential threats and opportunities for growth. 

Anticipate Possibles

Foresight involves anticipating what might be possible. Explore different first, second and third-order consequences of change. 

Envision Multiples

Neither a prediction nor a preference, but a provocation.  Envision multiple future scenarios to determine what’s most valued. 

Backcast the Plan

Define a desirable future and work backwards from what is desired. Backcasting is a strategic planning process that starts with defining the North Star and working backwards to identify objectives and initiatives that will connect that specified future to the present. 

Jennifer McDougall

Strategic Foresight Practitioner

Lori Simpson

Executive Coach

Tom Ebeyer

Business Strategist
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